Five things you need to know about Botox Injections

Botox injections has its good and bad points therefore before rushing into it following the celebrities, we highly recommend that you read a little a bit the implications of this. We have pulled together 5 different points to take note of:

  • Cost – People use Botox injections for many different reasons.  The most common is down to improved look and reduced wrinkles but some use it for the ease of migraines.  Getting this done could be an expensive option depending on the number of areas you are looking to have this work over.  If you are looking to get this completed for migraines the approximate cost will be around £300 – £400 per 100 units.  This would be a big offset and something that you should consult your doctor for before completing.  If this is for personal cosmetic issues and your own improvement to your look the costs will be pretty similar and increase with the amount of areas you would like this completed on.
  • Overdo the Botox and it can have consequences – You will have seen various celebrities on TV where they have overdone the Botox injections and they can barely move their forehead.  This may not be their desired look and overdoing the injections could have this end result.  Again, we would ask that you take good sound advice on how much is required in order to meet your desired outcome.
  • Initial Bruising – Once the treatment is finished your initial look may be one of bruising.  Your forehead will have been under some strain from the treatment and therefore bruising may be the typical reaction.  We would expect that to clear up within a few days but be prepared for this as a potential short term outcome.  In addition, you may actually look tired after the treatment is done for a short period and some people make comments about their forehead feeling heavy.  This is a normal reaction.
  • Doctors Guidance – Get advice from a doctor or similar.  Remember that this is interfering with your normal face progression and there is always side effects and consequences that you need to consider.  Clearly the risk with this type of treatment is extremely low however shouldn’t go unconsidered.  It’s of more importance if the purpose of this type of treatment is medical (for example reduction in migraines) as he may be able to offer you alternative more effective treatment.
  • Give the treatment time – One of the biggest mistakes that people make with this type of treatment is to not give it time and either write it off or even worse go and repeat the treatment again.  The recommendation on this front is to give it at least 6 to 9 months to fully see the benefits.  If after this period you are not satisfied, we recommend that you go back to the person that completed this for you and discuss.  Do not jump into repeat treatments.