Why Should you Use an Online Doctor?

NHS resources have been a subject of controversial discussion for a long time now, and the waiting list at GP surgeries seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to this specific area.  Within this time – we have seen the rise of digital Doctors such as Babylon Health App who give you the capacity to speak to a medical professional online as opposed to visiting a Doctors surgery, but why would you do this?  We give some reasons as to why you may seek online Doctor advice rather than the traditional method going to a surgery.

They are Available Constantly

The beauty of online Doctors is that they are always available, so you don’t need to worry if your medical concern arises at 8 in the morning, or half past 11 at night.  When you call a Doctor, you need to do so in office hours, unless you want to go to the out of hours in hospital which is usually where NHS 24 will also direct you to.  You don’t have this issue with online Doctors, they are available all the time.

It’s More Convenient

Depending on your personal circumstances – it could be that you aren’t physically able to trek all the way to the Doctor’s on a regular basis.  With online Doctors, you don’t need to do this.  You can use the handy app – and seek medical advice from the comfort of your own sofa if you want to.  It could also be, that it’s nothing too urgent – and you just want an opinion rather than consulting Google!  Rather than wait a while for a GP Doctor, going online can be a more convenient alternative.

There is More Privacy

If you have a health concern that’s of a personal nature, you may not want to be sitting face to face to someone when you discuss it.  It can be a little embarrassing for people – and therefore put them off going to a GP. There is much more privacy when it comes to online Doctors – and it can make people much more comfortable than before to ask questions of their Doctor.

It Can Prevent Long-Term Illness

When you get seen quickly by a Doctor it can prevent any long-term issues.  If something seems minor at first, you are less likely to inconvenience yourself by making a Doctor’s appointment.  This in turn however could cause issues in the longer term.  Illnesses are of course resolved more easily when they are treated fast.  If people wait to be seen by a Doctor it makes for a less healthy patient.

With the rise of online Doctors, it has definitely brought the way we currently use the healthcare system – and how there could potentially be more convenient ways for us to seek advice.  Based on our list above, you can definitely see why people would use this option.