The Power of Cosmetic Medical Procedures

Academy Laser Clinics are an Australian clinic that offer several different types of cosmetic medical treatments. Under the direction of Dr Jayson Oates, who is the principal surgeon, they are known for their high quality treatments with proven results.  No matter what kind of help you are looking for, you are in safe hands at Academy Laser Clinics. Some of the skin treatments that you might be interested in includes acne scar treatments, mole removal, and more. Improving the appearance of your skin can give you such a boost in confidence and make you happier about the person that you are.

Another treatment offered by Academy Laser Clinics is vaginal rejuvenation. This intimate procedure is conducted with only the highest professionalism and respect for customers. The procedure will alter the appearance of your vagina, so that you can become more satisfied with it. You might not be happy with the way your vulva looks or you might want some tightening in this area. This treatment can also improve sensitivity in the vagina. Whatever your needs are, you can fully discuss this in a consultation with Academy Laser Clinics. There are two branches; one in Perth and one in Sydney. Depending on where you will come for the consultation and the treatment itself if you decide to proceed, is dependent on whatever is convenient for you. The initial consultation will cost $100. This is your opportunity to discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve from your treatment programme, as well as asking any questions that you may have.

CALIBRE Clinic focuses on male intimate concerns. The talented Dr Jayson Oates and his team are very skilled in this area of expertise and have many positive reviews from customers all over the country. If you are looking for a penis extension operation, look no further than this clinic. CALIBRE offer a non-surgical alternative with proven results. This is not like standard penis enlargement surgery at all, as it does not involve going under the knife.

The CALIBRE procedure for male enhancement involves injection of dermal fillers to just below the penile skin.  An injection of 15ml of filler will increase the circumference of a flaccid penis by 1 inch and an erect penis by around 0.7 inch. It is not painful and there are no know side effects to this treatment. It is going to make you and your partner happier by greatly improving your sex life and more importantly, giving you more confidence. The results of this treatment last around 2 years but occasionally some top ups are required along the way.

You can request a consultation and can get the process started today. CALIBRE’s non-surgical procedure removes the risks associated with more traditional surgical methods of penile augmentation.  CALIBRE also offers treatment for erectile dysfunction which is completed with a natural process called PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, where naturally occurring substances from your own blood are extracted, concentrated and re-injected to trigger a natural regenerative process. Regain confidence in yourself, without the risk.

Academy Face and Body are a high quality clinic located in Australia that offer a variety of surgical and non surgical cosmetic medical procedures and treatments. From liposuction, intimate procedures, mole removal, eye lift surgery, neck lifts, cheek implants and a whole lot more. If looking younger and being healthier is your aim, this is all possible with this clinic. A particularly popular service at Academy Face and Body, and one that has many benefits for individuals is laser hair removal. If you are sick of shaving and have more hair than what you would like in certain places on your body, this treatment can save you time and money in the long term. In simple terms, the treatment works by a laser being shot at hair follicles. The light is absorbed into the pigmentation of the hair; it’s then converted into heat which destroys the hair from the root.

At Academy Face and Body, this hair removal will be conducted by a fully qualified dermal therapist with years of experience in the field. If you interested in this treatment, first you will have a consultation where everything will be discussed with you and a skin test will be done to make sure you do not react badly to the process. You will also be given a quote for the treatment; this cost will vary depending on how much hair needs to be eliminated but we will always be as reasonable as possible. Only 60% of the hair is in growth at any one time which is why several sessions will be required to get the best results. A minimum of 6 treatments with us are usually required and then there will be follow up treatments every 6-12 months in order to make your results permanent.

To benefit from any of the treatments offered by Academy Face and Body, a phone call or email is all that’s required to be on the way to reaping the rewards, and being the best possible version of yourself. When it comes to beauty, confidence is everything.