Not a bit more, not a bit less; know your dosage!

Not a bit more, not a bit less; know your dosage!

In the race to be the first and get faster results, many of the athletes and bodybuilders do not take their dosage seriously. This can produce life-threatening impacts on the body. So, it is always important to know the safe dosage for a steroid that you use. The user should only intake the recommended dosage per day.

The Key Mantra: Don’t improvise Methandienone Dosage! 

Methandienone is known as the strongest oral anabolic steroid after Anadrol. More strong the steroid is, more drastic can be the consequences if it is not approached with care. It is a popular chemical substance that is often used by bodybuilders and athletes to stack with other steroids. It has gained popularity within the bodybuilding community with the name Dianabol/Dbol. It is noticed that the steroid is not safe for females to use as it increases the risk of virilization. Even for men, the side effects can be severe if the cycles and dosages are not monitored properly.

Methandienone Dosage 

  • This anabolic androgenic steroid is taken orally to help increase in muscle mass gains. This chemical substance is often sold in the form of pills which is popularly known as Dbol pills. It can help in doubling the size of muscle in a mere 3-6 week cycle.
  • High Methandienone dosages can cause masculine and unwanted side effects. Due to the strong nature of the steroid, 5mg a day of Methandienone was prescribed before. But bodybuilders these days do not here to these recommendations and exceed the dosage between 30mg and 50mg a day and some even take 100mg a day.
  • Being an oral anabolic steroid, it is usually used in a stack as a kick-start compound to play a supportive role in the cycle while other compounds form the base. Due to this, there is limited flexibility when it comes to dosages and cycles.
  • Dianabol is thus usually reserved for cycles in which adding massing bulk is the principle concern. It is very rarely used for fat loss.
  • No matter, what type of cycle Dianabol is being used in, bulking or cutting, it’s dosage remains constant due to its enormous power and potency.

Not a bit more, not a bit less; know your dosage!

The Outcomes 

Users have reported an appreciable mass gains by using Dianabol. It is widely suited for building mass, gaining strength and bulking up.

The results are visible within a short span of time. The added mass and weight gain is usually noticeable on an average user in about 2 weeks after the first administration of the steroid.

Dosage of 20mg a day has shown 10-15 pounds in just a few weeks. Lean mass gains often come out to be 5-10 pounds a week after initiating.

Finding your correct dose can be tricky as well as crucial especially since most pills are sold under the name Dianabol. More potent version of Methandienone are usually sold in a 50mg dose. Follow the recommended dosage per day to save yourselves from the possible side effects of using the drug.

Your health is as important as your physique. So don’t even think of messing with the dosage.