Nose Allergy: Is It A Serious?


Nose or nasal allergy is very common, especially to people prone to animal hair, dust, mold, and pollens. A person who has a nose allergy will experience a runny nose, itchy nose and throat, and sneezing. Nose allergy is not a rare nasal problem. However, there are a lot of reasons why these people are having a nasal. They might have a normal allergic reaction to dust or they simply get it because of some other reasons. Nose allergy is also commonly called allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis definition

Allergic reaction happened due to allergen, a harmless substance. Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction to allergens. In seasonal allergic rhinitis, pollen is the most common cause. According to AAAAI, it is nearly 8% of the adults in the US experiencing allergic rhinitis.   10 and 20% of the world population are also diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, which can be serious in the future. But, the nose allergy treatment is the best solution for allergic rhinitis. Did you know that nose allergy can be a common cause of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea? Yes, you heard it loud and clear. People who have a problem with nasal allergy may experience unable to sleep. It could be hard for you to sleep at night because of allergic rhinitis which can be curable. Allergic rhinitis causes swelling of the nose which can be a reason for a sleepless night.


Snoring caused by allergic rhinitis

Research suggests that snoring is a risk factor of allergic rhinitis. According to the recent study, sleep apnea and snoring can result in brain damage, lower IQ, and even poor performance at school among children. If you discover that your children snores or even any member of the family, look for anti-snoring solutions Hong Kong. Sleep problems are a common cause of having allergic rhinitis that must be treated as soon as possible. Sleeping is impaired due to allergic symptoms which is no longer healthy. To have a lack of sleep may look you old and stress, which is alarming. Never ignore the problem since it can cause a serious health issue in the future if untreated earlier. It might become a cause of various health issues such as:

  • fatigue
  • impaired memory and learning
  • sleepless
  • low performance at work or school
  • depression
  • reduce the quality of life

OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, is a common sleep disorder, which breathing is affected. It interrupts sleeping time and can link with allergic rhinitis. Obstructive Sleep Apnea occurs when throat muscles fail to hold the airway during sleeping. Nasal congestion increases the risk of OSA and snoring that must be treated as early as possible. Sleep disorder must be avoided as much as possible to avoid health problems and to have adequate sleep.