Dental Implants – A Safe And Robust Replacement For Lost Teeth

Dental Implants

Teeth are one of the most biologically and cosmetically important parts of our body. They not only help in the mastication of the food that one is about to swallow, they also are an essential part of our personality. A healthy set of teeth not only improves one’s health by making sure the food is digested properly but it also provides a personality boost for the person. But sometimes accidents do tend to happen and unfortunately some people lose their valuable teeth due to these accidents. But not to worry, dental implants are here to help. These unique and beautiful inventions are bringing back smiles to a lot of people all around the globe.

Introduction To Dental Implants

The strongest part of the teeth is its roots. If the roots are damaged, then it is very difficult for a teeth to stay put in its socket. When a person loses a tooth, its roots are damaged as well, so it needs replacement. Now, just about anything cannot replace the dental roots. There are some medical materials and equipment that can replace this. It will obviously be less functional than natural teeth, but something is better than nothing. These replacements are known as dental implants. The replacement will create a strong base for the replacement teeth to go upon. Once the procedure is done, it will be like the person never lost their tooth as one can easily do their eating and chewing activities like normal people with teeth do. It is very difficult to differentiate between a natural tooth and a replacement. The most important part of this procedure is the part where the implant will bond with the jawbone, a stronger bond ensures a stronger set of teeth. Agreed it will never be the same as having the original, natural tooth, but this is the closest you can get.

Procedure Of Getting Dental Implants

Nowadays, getting dental implants is easier than ever. It is a very simple procedure and a lot of people go through this on a daily basis. A lot of dentists recommend this procedure as a healthy replacement for damaged teeth. These implants resemble a lot to mechanical screws in shape. They are designed to go bond perfectly with the jawbone and they serve the purpose. The screws are built out of titanium as they do not degrade over time and they are not toxic. Titanium is a robust material that can handle anything a normal tooth can. It also bonds really well with the jawbone. New dental implants are coming out with newer methods of bonding and are perfect for tooth replacements. After the screw is placed on position, then it is covered with a cap or a crown on top of which the artificial tooth sits on. This is a very safe process and anyone with damaged teeth should look into it.