Should You Have Surgery for Meningioma Brain Tumor?

People falling in the age group of 40 to 70 are susceptible to developing a meningioma brain tumor. This tumor is one that forms on one of the three outer coverings of the brain, which are also known as meninges. The tumor forms inside the skull over the brain membranes covering the brain and the beginning of the spinal cord. Exposure to certain kinds of radiation can be a cause of developing this tumor. However, in many cases, the tumor is also caused due to genetic conditions that are pre-existing in the person, such as neurofibromatosis.

The presence of the tumor, once confirmed, leads to the next course which is often surgery. If the tumor is seen to have the possibility to cause development of further symptoms and may prove to be fatal, then surgery cannot be avoided. It is only in cases where the tumor is seen to be completely harmless and dormant that surgery can be avoided as the doctors prefer to put the tumor’s condition under observation to ensure that it does not become aggressive. Given this, it is feasible to have the surgery done since the meningioma surgery price is not very high and can be afforded by people easily.

Why Should You Opt for Surgery?

A meningioma tumor causes various symptoms that make daily functioning of the patient difficult. Moreover, since it can also affect vision and personality, the person may face various drastic changes in their personal and professional lives and which may prove to be harmful. This could further lead to psychological problems as well as they may no longer be able to live the same type of life they did with the tumor in them.

It is a good idea to have the surgery because according to the collected statistics, it is extremely rare for a tumor to reoccur after radiation and surgery, and there are next to no cases reported where the tumor returned as a higher grade or more aggressive tumor. Given this, the person can be sure that surgery is a permanent solution to the problems caused by the tumor.

To have the surgery, the doctor takes both the general health conditions of the patient as well the personal opinion of the patient as to what kind of treatment they would prefer.

The most important factors, when it comes to such a surgery, are the quality of facilities available, and the cost. For a person choosing to go forward with the surgery, having it in India would be an option worth looking for. The hospital facilities, nursing and care quality as well as the highly skilled doctors available are reasons for the same. As an added incentive, meningioma surgery cost in Indiawould be only around USD 5500 which is one of the lowest rates in the world for the same quality of care.

Given all of the above, it can be concluded that for a patient with confirmed meningioma tumor that is not benign and is likely to cause further harm, having surgery to get the tumor removed is an effective and affordable option.