Learning the Medical Services that Medicare Doesn’t Cover


You consider virginia medicare plans because you want to protect your health especially if you are over 65 years old. Medicare is a government program that offers health care coverage to the aging population. Aside from that, Medicare can also be availed by people who are under 65 years old receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and enduring ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease).

If you are turning 65 or preparing to retire, you need to make an important decision about your health coverage because if you want to enroll, you may pay a penalty or you may have a gap in your coverage. You have to know that there are two main ways to get your coverage – Original Medicare (Part A & B) or Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). There are some who get additional coverage like Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) or the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D).

You already understood what every Part covers but you are not aware of the medical services that it does not include. You have to know the medical services that Medicare doesn’t cover so you will find another way to pay for it. Here are services that Medicare doesn’t cover:

Dental care

Medicare will not pay for fillings and routine dental cleanings. You should also know that other types of dental devices like dentures are also not included in the coverage. Part A might pay for a dental service received while you are hospitalised or during an emergency situation.

Hearing aids

If your doctor feels that it is necessary for you to have a hearing and balance exam, Medicare can cover it. However, in terms of choosing and fitting an appropriate device such as hearing aids, Medicare will not pay.

Learning the Medical Services that Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Eye examination

For people having eye conditions like glaucoma and other age-related macular degeneration, Part B may cover eye exams and tests. However, if it is just for routine vision checks for the purpose of prescribing contact lenses or glasses, Medicare will not pay.

Cosmetic surgery

If the surgery is because of a deformity or injury, Medicare may cover it. However, for most cosmetic surgery procedures, Medicare won’t pay.

Foot care

For routine foot care like removal or calluses, foot cleaning, and nail maintenance, Medicare will not pay for it. However, foot exams including treatments may be covered especially for patients with diabetes. Part B will also cover necessary podiatrist services for foot injuries.


Acupuncture may be a famous Chinese alternative medicine approach but in the world of Medicare, it is not covered. It is believed that acupuncture can relieve various ailments by inserting needles into the skin.

Outside care

Medicare is only applicable in the United States. Medicare does not cover any care received outside the country.  However, there are some instances that Medicare may pay. If the beneficiary is injured in the United States but the foreign hospital is closer than the nearest United States hospital, Medicare may pay.

Remember that Medicare doesn’t cover everything. If you need the services that Medicare doesn’t cover, you need to pay it unless you have other insurance or Medicare health plan that can cover them. Keep in mind that even if Medicare covers an item or service, you generally need to pay your deductible, copayments, and coinsurance.