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homemade face packs

To vitalize the most visible part of the body, there are lots of creams and packs available on the market. Many of such pack makers and cream producers claim to help get relief from acne as well. However, the homemade face packs for acne have proven to be very efficacious in curing and stopping acne outbreaks, and the best part is one can have them at very low cost. The best homemade face packs include natural ingredients that are effective at killing bacteria causing theproblem of pimples. These face masks assist in drying up oil that is in excess and opens up pores clogged by dead cells of the skin. These masks are affordable and very affordable to make. These packs are made of simple ingredients that are easily found in your home. They are also effective in assisting to stop theformation of acne scars.

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A few remedies are enumerated below to treat acne.

  • Use a potato

It is,of course, an amazing vegetable. You may not have heard of one of its benefits before. It is considered that benefit is taming acne because potatoes are abundant in sulfur, potassium, chloride, and phosphorous. All these components are good at minimising irritating blemishes. Potatoes contain antioxidants too in order to promote the growth of the cells of the skin.

  • Tea Time

Recently there were conducted some hopeful studies which showed the result that green tea has an obvious effect on acne as utilized externally(in Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2011- 12). A theory has been put forward that it helps internally also, but that is less substantiated with proof. To put these findings, in brief, the presence of an antioxidant in green tea known as EGCG or epigallocatechin-3- gallate. ECGCwas found to minimise theproduction of sebum, bacterial growth, and inflammation in the acne affected area of skin which can be held responsible for breakouts. You can imagine the future without acne. You can drink it once or twice in a day to detoxify yourself.

  • Salt mask

You know that a salt mask has proven not only curing acne but it is very easy to develop. What you need to do is to arrange sea salt or cooking salt and water. Make a mixture of salt and water. Leave the mixture for at least twenty minutes. Then apply the mask to the spots caused by acne and rinse it off with clean water nearly 10 to 20 minutes after. Salt acts as a natural cleanser. It minimises the excess oil in your skin to a notable degree; the hue makes your skin free from acne and oil.

  • Egg white

It is an easy and cheap natural acne mask. Separate yolk from egg white. Apply egg whites on your face. Leave it for twenty minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. It is not for people allergic to egg.

  • Yogurt mask

It is an effective face mask. Mix yogurt with honey one teaspoon each. Make a paste of it and apply to your face. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes. Wash it off. You will notice adifference in skin tone.