Disadvantages of the Focus T25 Workout Program

T25 Workout Program

A lot of people are missing out a lot in their regular exercise because work and life’s responsibilities are usually in the way. They can no longer spare even an hour at the gym because they would rather spend that working than exercising.

But still, having regular exercise keeps your body and mind healthy. To be exact, your whole body system healthy. It helps you cope up with stress, anxiety and fight off againsts illness. That’s why, it is also advisable that you never leave your exercise hanging.

Let’s face it! Going to the gym can be tedious. You have to get dressed, drive to the gym, and change into your workout clothes. Then afterwards, you go to work and start running off errands. Also, going to the gym lets you pay member fees, and gym equipment fees.

That’s why today, more and more people are taking the switch to home workouts. One of the most home workout you can start doing today is T25. there are a lot of reviews online about this workout program, you can find this reviews at Serresponsavel.

However, this blog will talk about a few disadvantages you can get when you are working out with T25.

What is T25

T25 is a workout program developed by Shaun T. In 25 minutes, you will experience an intense full-body routine that could compare to a 1 hour of workout routine at the gym. It’s a full 25 minute workout with no breaks.

This is definitely different than those experience you had at the gym. However, there are still disadvantages in using T25, no matter how seamless it may look.. And here it is… 

Disadvantages of the Focus T25 Workout Program


There’s a lot to love about T25, but like any program, it has its flaws. Since it is an all-around fitness program, it basically wont increase your muscles in an instant, or it won’t increase that much. Your cardio won’t improve as much as it would during completely cardio-based program.

Results depend on how much effort you put into the workout. It is possible to do a full 25 minute workout and not break a sweat if you were doing reps too slowly or you didn’t do exercise properly. In fact, that intensity can really be too much for other people to handle.

Another disadvantage is that it is so short. Although it is no denial that this program is one of the most biggest selling point, still it could be a drawback if you’re looking for in depth workout. 25 minutes definitely can not you enough time to do anything complex.

Lastly, while it seems so easier fitness newbies to join T25 than of other fitness options, it is definitely by no means easy. The workout is difficult, rough and they are really intense. If you have never had any workout experience before then making through this workout is a real challenge. Not saying that it’s not possible, it is… but you will have to use more effort and patience in this program. However, if you are someone who’s looking for an easy, pain free way to get in shape then this program isn’t for you.

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