Features of Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish massage

Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish massage

Massages are of different types. There is the deep tissue massage and the Swedish massage. Only those who are adequately knowledgeable about massage can understand the differences. However, individuals that know little or nothing about massage may be confused about which one to choose when they go for a massage.  Unfortunately, many think that both Swedish and deep tissue massages are the same and this further fuels the confusion about the one to choose between the two for a newbie.  If you are one of those who are confused about the differences between Deep tissue massage vs Swedish massage, then you have come to the right source of information. In this write-up, we will open your mind to the differences and this will allow you to make the right choices between the two types.

What Swedish massage mean

Have you ever visited a manual therapist before and spent some time in his reception area? You would have head something about Swedish massage while you are there.  Studies show that the Swedish massage is about the standard or foundation for several other type sand classes of massages. You can start your acquaintances with other types of massages by first learning about the Swedish massage. This knowledge will also help you to understand Deep tissue massage vs Swedish massage a lot better than before.  This type of massage, like several other types, focus especially on the muscles and it involves a deep or combined effect on your muscle tissue.  Also, only a trained and licensed massage therapist should be allowed to perform a Swedish massage on you since you cannot get the desired result through another means.

Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage

It must be noted that deep tissue massage occurs in different types of massages. There are traces of it in other types of massages as highlighted below:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Sports/muscular massage
  • Thai massage
  • Swedish massage

Just as its name implies, deep tissue massage focuses on the deep tissues of the body.  It is a special type of massage that works out those muscles in the inner parts of the body.  As mentioned severally above, there are some similarities between deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Remember also that deep tissue massage is one of the features of the Swedish massage.  Deep tissue massage is considered as a blanket term for the types of massages highlighted above, which includes Swedish massage. This type of massage makes use of firm and slow pressure and stroke than virtually any other kind of treatment.  It involves the use of deep finger pressure that focuses on specific areas of the body. The pressure is then applied along or across the tendons and muscle fibers. It can get your muscles relaxed and make them more functional than ever.