A beautiful smile is a high self-esteem

Beautiful Smile

Smiling is a part of human life, but if you are realizing that you have not spent much time smiling lately, you can change this. Proper dental care can restore your teeth, giving you a brilliant white smile with amazing alignment and no missing teeth. In some cases, dental implants can help you achieve the smile that you want. By taking care of the health of your teeth and gums, you will see how a beautiful smile achieves a higher self-esteem.

The Influence of a Smile on Human Psychology:

Have you ever considered why smiling makes you feel so good? When someone smiles at you, you most likely feel happier than before, and you may feel an increase in warm feelings between you and that person. When you smile back at someone, you can also feel an improvement in your mood and your confidence levels. As Christie Brinkley reminds us, “Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.”

What is incredible is that research has proven this. The influence of a smile on human psychology has been studied for years and has been shown to affect both you and those around you. Studies show that you become more approachable and are seen as more intelligent and trustworthy when you let your smile shine.

Beautiful Smile

Smiles truly can be contagious. When you smile, others tend to smile back at you. This can help people feel accepted, improve your popularity and create healthy relationships. Whether you are in a social setting, taking a trip through the grocery store or standing in front of a crowd to give a presentation, a smile is an incredibly powerful tool that you can always have at your disposal.

In addition to making those around you feel happier, studies have also shown that smiling can have a major impact on your own mood. You will feel happier because smiling naturally releases feel-good endorphins in your body. Interestingly, it takes nearly 10 times as many muscles to frown as it does to smile. By creating a goal for yourself to smile more, you not only let many of your facial muscles relax but also boost your self-esteem and your attitude for the day.

How Dental Implants Can Help:

If you are missing any teeth, either from accidents, gum disease or poor dental care, you are losing out on a key component of confident living. You probably do not want to show off your smile and do all you can to keep your lips carefully covering your teeth.

Today, there are ways to address this concern without the use of bulky or uncomfortable dentures. Dental implants can restore the look of your teeth quite naturally and comfortably by placing a metal implant securely in your jaw bone. Once this implant is placed, a crown covers the metal piece and is expertly matched to your existing teeth. In fact, this new tooth will be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth to the naked eye.

Of course, these implants have many other benefits as well. Because they are firmly attached in the jaw bone, they prevent bone loss over time. Even when you are eating the hardest or stickiest of foods, your implant will remain securely in place. This is a permanent treatment option that is easy to care for and one that requires very little maintenance once placed.

A Beautiful Smile Is a High Self-Esteem:

As you can see, smiling is far more influential than you may have thought. While your smile makes you appear more open and friendly to those around you, it also affects your own emotions. You can feel more confident, independent and capable. Your self-esteem can make you feel empowered as you show off your beautiful smile.

If you are concerned about the health or beauty of your teeth, make an appointment at Sola Dental Spa in Staten Island today. Our experienced dental practitioner can discuss steps that you can take to improve your smile. Whether you need a simple cleaning, veneers or even implants, we can help you take charge of your oral health and can help you feel more confident whenever you smile.