Healing your body by natural (acupuncture) way


A healthy body is a way to a peaceful mind and soul. However, the kind of lifestyle we are living it has become difficult to maintain a body, which frees from disease and illness. The best way of combating these problems is to seek natural treatment for curing disease. The natural treatment not only treats your body but also relaxes your mind and soul.

Acupuncture: your way of natural treatment

Acupuncture is one such natural treatment whose origin lies with the ancient Chinese medicine. It was developed in ancient China with a purpose to heal the human body through natural methods. This treatment targets specific points of your body. According to the Chinese medicine theory, our body has some specific points known as acupuncture points. Treatment or targeting these points with needles allows the balancing of energies.

The theory of balancing energies comes from the 8 constitution medicine. This theory heals the body by balancing the energies of different organs of the body. The treatment is done on the basis of the constitution of the body. Based on the constitution of the body it is divided into 8 types.

The 8 constitution medicine helps in personalized treatment depending on the type of body or constitution of the body. The response of every individual towards a treatment varies greatly depending upon the constituents of his/her body. This explains the need to have a specific treatment for every individual designed according to the constituents of their bodies.

The 8 different body types

The 8 types of body according to 8 constitution of medicine are explained below.

  1. Hepatonia

People having this type of body constitution are over ambitious and they should prefer eating a meat diet. It will cause frequent sweating and easy sleep both the things are good for their health. So, they are recommended to include meat in their diet.

  1. Cholecystonia

The characteristic of this body type is strong liver and weak lungs. People with this type of body constitution easily adjust themselves to the new environment. They are social in nature and have naturally built athletic body. They are suggested not to include seafoods in their diet.

  1. Pulmotonia

It is characterized by the strong large intestine and weak liver. People with this body constitution are creative and perfectionist by nature. It recommended for them to refrain themselves from having meat diets and excessive intake of medicines.

  1. Colonotonia

The characteristic of this body type is strong lungs and weak liver. These people are adventurous but at the same time sensitive and emotional too. If their energies remain unbalanced they start behaving stubborn and negative. They should exempt themselves from having a meat diet as it causes muscle related disease in them.

  1. Pancreotonia

This body type is characterized by strong pancreas with the weak gallbladder. They are good in arts and fashion. They are impatient by nature and if they do not follow the recommended diet according to the constituents of their body their restlessness increases.

  1. Gastrotonia

It is characterized by a strong pancreas with the weak gallbladder. These people are responsible and sensible by nature. They often suffer from indigestion along with a headache, which makes them impatient.

  1. Renotonia

It is characterized by strong gallbladder and weak stomach. They are calm, composed, and have a lot of patience. They pose strong communication skills. Frequent perspiration is a sign of illness.

  1. Vesicotonia

The strong kidney with a weak stomach is the characteristic of this body constitution. These people are calm, attentive, and sensitive by nature. During summers they should consume light food which is good for their stomach.